Reviews: A Cup of Water Under My Bed

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“Gorgeously written from start to finish, the book’s emotional heart is in the author’s childhood, and it reverberates through her adulthood.” – Boston Globe

“She weaves poignant lessons about immigrant life, womanhood, and more into a beautiful coming of age story.” – Buzzfeed, “13 Soothing Books To Read When Everything Hurts.”

“Hernández seamlessly combines the familiar genres of the ‘coming out’ story and the ‘coming of age’ story into a unique memoir of self-discovery.” – LA Review of Books

“Hernández writes gorgeously about family that shows up even while growing apart.” –, “9 Books To Add to the Modern Brown Girl Literary Canon”

“Written in the tradition of great feminist memoirs, like Audre Lorde’s Zami and Minnie Bruce Pratt’s S/HE…Hernández’s A Cup of Water Under My Bed explores race, gender, and sexuality with beauty and grace.” – Lambda Literary

“Warm and thoughtful, Hernández writes with cleareyed compassion about living, and redefining success, at the intersection of social, ethnic and racial difference.” – Kirkus, “Best Books of Nonfiction”

“With lucid prose, she comes back…painting a portrait both affectionate and raw of growing up in a working class immigrant neighborhood in New Jersey.” – Huffington Post, “11 Memoirs Written by Latinas Every Woman Should Read”

“With poignant clarity and touching detail, Hernández recounts the lessons she learned about race, money and love, with special attention to explorations of her budding sexuality.” – Ms. Magazine, “Must-Read Feminist Books”

“The former editor of ColorLines has penned a pitch-perfect coming-of-age memoir.” - The Advocate, “18 Must-Read LGBT Books”

“The feminist movement is super-complex and dynamic. Through the story of her own life, Daisy Hernandez shows just how complex.”- Bustle, “11 Nonfiction Books Every Feminist Should Read”

“Daisy Hernandez reminds us that often, we do not know how to name or thank the women who shape our journey.” – Feministing

“Daisy Hernández’s new memoir, A Cup Of Water Under My Bed, is full of sentences that linger with you long after you’ve finished reading —the kind of weighty, satisfying phrases that stay ringing in your ears.” – Huffington Post

“Jarring and beautifully written.” – Jezebel

“Hernandez takes the lessons learned from her childhood … and molds them into a book in which every word is an embrace, familiar and welcoming.” – Bitch magazine

“That no-nonsense attitude mixes nicely with quiet humor and familial devotion to make this a don’t-miss for memoir fans.” – Washington Blade

“An accessible, honest look at the often heart-wrenching effects of intergenerational tension on family ties.” – Booklist

“Hernández’s story is not just about a young woman trying to find herself; it’s also about those invisible immigrant women, like her mom and aunts, who have been relegated to the background. Hernández dares to tell their stories, too.” – Bust magazine

“Hernandez’s widely-praised memoir covers her family background and her own journey towards understanding her immigrant family’s story and her own gender and sexuality.” – FlavorWire

Hernandez’s use of language is often poetic, especially when intermingling Spanish and English, with the cultural tones of each.” –  Windy City Media Group

These tales are sprinkled, essay style, with powerful anecdotes of self-discovery that I couldn’t get enough of.” – Dallas Voice

“Her memoir is an insightful look at the life of a bisexual, first-generation Latina with a gift for storytelling.” – Fourth & Sycamore