Interviews about A Cup of Water Under My Bed

Check out this page for press about the memoir.

Is Beyonce a Feminist?

El periódico, the Courier, in Iowa ran a story about my lecture on feminism and Beyoncé at the University of Northern Iowa. And Dr. Clayton and I talked at KGGB, the oldest black-owned radio station in Iowa, about womanism, the term “people of color,” and my new book.

Interview with Fourth Genre

Houghton Mifflin named “Before Love, Memory” as a notable essay in Best American Essays 2013! Fourth Genre published the essay and interviewed me at AWP 2013 about the writing process.

Nomination for 2013 Pushcart

The literary journal, Bellingham Review, nominated my essay “The Candy Dish” for a Pushcart in nonfiction. Other awards for nonfiction this past year include an Honorable Mention or Finalist in Fourth Genre’s Steinberg Essay Prize, A Room of Her Own’s Orlando Prize in Creative Nonfiction, the Hunger Mountain Creative Nonfiction Prize, Bellingham Review’s Annie Dillard Award in Creative Nonfiction, and the International Literary Awards hosted by Salem College Center for Women Writers.

O’Reilly Attacks Me For “Injecting Race”

NPR’s All Things Considered ran my commentary where I voiced my concern that if the man who shot Rep. Giffords had been Latino, we would have had a huge anti-immigrant backlash. O’Reilly blasted me for “injecting race” into the shooting and Juan Williams accused me of being an angry brown woman. Finally, O’Reilly gave up and just called me crazy.

Is Gringo the New N-Word?

NPR posted a reaction and analysis to my use of the word gringo in my commentary, while The Young Turks posted a super piece asking what all the hype was.

Ms. magazine

Ms. editors asked feminists what they wanted from the Obama administration. Here’s my wish list:

“HALT THE RAIDS. First, Obama should place a moratorium on immigration raids, which are having a terrible impact on Latinas. If they’re not arrested along with their husbands, these women end up under house arrest, relying on local charities to feed themselves and their children. Second, a woman’s right to choose is not up for debate. Punto.”
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Glamour magazine

I was on a panel about beauty and race sponsored by Glamour magazine (it was their way of apologizing to readers after one of their editors said natural black hair was a Glamour “Don’t.” Yeah, she apparently got fired.)
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Warning: it’s what you’d expect of a national glossy magazine.

Check out this interview I did about ColorLines, Don Imus and more. Here’s an excerpt:

“Part of the challenge now is pointing out: hey, racism isn’t just the racist comment of the week. Racism is the decisions that people elected to local governments are making about basic things like who gets to live where and if they get to live in a safe neighborhood. All of that is dictated by race.”
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Conducive magazine

This is a searing (and much deserved) critique of so-called third wave feminism with quotes by yours truly.
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