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“A striking and illuminating memoir of stark beauty that challenges our notions of identity and feminine power.”

“Personal storytelling at its most authentic and heartfelt.”

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“These young women pick up where foremothers Audre Lorde and Gloria Anzaldúa left off.”


Sometimes with a book, you don’t hold onto passages or plot lines but rather places.
Beacon Broadside

When people hear me say that I grew up in two worlds, they think I mean white and Latino.
Huffington Post

This is how the foster care agency tracks children separated from their mothers. It creates an airport.

Qué india. Translated literary it means, “What an indigenous woman.” But when my aunties said it they weren’t thinking of beautiful, brown women.

There are, however, missteps in memory, places where emotion has distorted people, sights, even cuerpos.
Fourth Genre

The Cuban-born sculptor bends hammers into works of art.

Parts of my father’s hands are dead. The skin has protected itself by hardening, turning his large hands into a terrain of calluses and scars, the deep lines scattered on his palms like dirt roads that never intersect.