Chagas is the third most common parasitic disease in the world, but most American doctors don’t know to look for it in the United States because it has been thought of as a disease that only happens in other places. The consequence are dire.

Chagas, a disease common in Latin America, is gaining traction among immigrants in the U.S.

The judge wrote that allowing lesbians and gay men to exchange vows isn’t changing the institution of marriage.

As more people of color transition between genders, the ways that racism is different for men and women come to the surface.

In the wake of two murders, queer kids of color in Newark, California and Newark, New Jersey, talk about coming out and how communities can respond.

Race play is considered on the edge of edgy sex, but workshops on the subject are becoming standard fare.

It was a gamble. Alaaedien Abdelgwad, who drives a taxi, knew that much. But he also believed in good fortune and took the risk.
New York Times

People screamed their destinations: Bayonne! South Orange! East Orange! Any Orange!
New York Times

Janette and her husband, Juan, have a continuing argument about taxes. It is not about who is keeping track of the receipts. What they cannot agree about is whether to file an income tax return.
New York Times

“The immigrant status is the real barrier for these families. It sets them up to not get their kids back.”
National Catholic Reporter


More than just romance, sex and absurd plot twists
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Even when Latina women are in the majority on TV screens, the industry still focuses on their rear ends.
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The post-Racist-Tweet ‘I’m sorry’ is obligatory and necessary, but it usually fails to move the conversation forward. In These Times

The only reason the nation is taking a few days to reflect on the animosity in politics today is precisely that the shooter was not Latino.
NPR’s All Things Considered

My sister and I were recently comparing notes about the economy. My take was this: You know things are really bad when all of your friends are cutting cable TV and going with Netflix, Hulu or (gasp!) the local library’s DVD collection.

The magazine hits newsstands and Ipads with its full story on the plight of women in Afghanistan — and a disturbing cover image and call to war.

It’s rare to come across a play that offers a searing critique of the Black bourgeoisie, the do-gooder white liberals, the elders of the civil rights movement and the media industry.

A new comic book paints kids of color as superheroes with powers from Islamic knowledge.